Everyday worries

Ever wonder if you are coping with life pretty well and something goes “boom” which throws everything up in the air – it could be emotionally, financially, practically and everything seems overwhelming? 

Counselling is not just for long term issues or problems – it can help you with every day worries and concerns that unexpectedly come your way. Friends and family are great sources of support with every great intention provided – but somehow you just don’t feel “they get you” or can empathise where you are coming from. This is because we are all individual. Many people are turning to counselling to help them unravel how they are feeling and why and find effective ways of coping.

Talking to someone impartial can be helpful to support you in exploring your own thoughts which can be uncomfortable and take up all your thinking time, often adding on further negative thoughts from our own life experiences or self-worth and leaving us going round and round in circles to find a solution.  We can become forgetful for every day issues, all consumed with our negative thoughts – finding ourselves “there” in body but not in mind. 

If you feel are feeling this way, then try counselling for emotional support – it doesn’t mean a life time of “being in therapy”, it means being aware of your own good emotional health and helping you forward in a positive way. Just a few sessions of support can go a long way.

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Poole, Dorset, BH15

Written by Tracy Foster

Poole, Dorset, BH15

UPDATE:  I am continuing work remotely during the many changes taking place within the Covid pandemic.  I am experienced in holding Skype and Zoom online video link counselling, and have done for many years. This means you can remain in your home if you are self-isolating or worried if you...

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