Counselling with psychological astrology

This is counselling augmented by psychological astrology using the client's natal chart. 

Astrology is an ancient self-diagnostic tool affording personal direction and insight. A birth chart is a map of the solar system at the exact moment, day and year of birth relating the eight known planets, sun and moon to the horizon and meridian of the earth. Unique to the individual, the birth chart maps conscious and unconscious behavioural and thought patterns. Transits help to determine timings in our life when transformation or crisis is likely and there becomes a need for introspective work.

Benefits for the client when referencing the natal chart:

  • Help pinpoint where to start; especially if clients have been in therapy for a while feeling stuck.

  • Speeds up the time spent in therapy. Months can be spent in therapy avoiding the real issue but the chart clearly identifies issues.

  • Discovering our shadow. Through counselling we can learn what drives our shadow.

  • Understanding our wound (Chiron). Through counselling we can learn to own our wound and transform ourselves from victimhood. The wound highlights what we can do for others but what we cannot do for ourselves.

  • The natal chart itself (i.e. the pictorial map) depicts our oppositions and internal conflicts and to visually see this on paper, adds another dimension to the therapeutic process and can have a powerful effect on us.

  • Self-care. Understanding our makeup and our limitations. Through counselling, if we can reach a point of acceptance, we can provide ourselves with the necessary self-care needed.

Astrology will not:

  • Reveal your story.

  • Explain the ‘cause’ behind your reoccurring pattern(s).

Cause and effect. Astrology alone is limited; although it helps to pinpoint personal patterns, the ‘effect’, it does not answer why this is happening, the ‘cause’. However, if used as a self-diagnostic tool in conjunction with a counsellor, the counsellor can facilitate understanding the 'cause' by engaging with the client and their story.

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