Counselling: Who are you?

Often the fears that can arise when thinking about going to see a counsellor is about

*who are they
*what will they be like
*will they tell me what to do
*will they judge me

What is hard to understand that a good relationship in counselling is based on the counsellor being many things to you, many people and exactly what you need at that moment.

The counsellor is a person and has a life of their own and thoughts of their own, but they are trained to put themselves to one side and be truly accepting of you as a person and offer you;

* Unconditional Positive Regard
* Empathy
* Congruence
* A safe confidential space

And we are bound by the same medical ethic of Do No Harm.

But how you see us is up to you and your journey and it will change throughout the process depending on how long and how deep you chose to go.

We can be described as many things; a Teacher, a Parent, a Mirror, an Explorer, a Treasure Hunter, a Role Model, an Experience, a Friend, a Supporter, a Guiding Light.

Someone to be liked, hated, uncomfortable and comfortable with, to laugh with and cry with, to share your darkest secrets with and be there to stand with you through the thick and thin of your counselling journey; but what we do not have is a magic wand, we cannot fix, whatever it is you want fixing or take it from you.

We are instead there to EMPOWER YOU; to change, adapt, create, evolve, decide, let go and heal. To help you give you what you need to make you happy.

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All therapists are verified professionals