Christmas alone, how to get through it

For many people Christmas is no longer a happy time in their life. For some, Christmas brings the dread of being alone. Reminders around them are too much to bare, people in couples, families, TV adverts and films all add to their fear of being alone and what life used to be. Many people may be asked to join others but feel like a spare part or uncomfortable. People are well meaning but they often do not understand what it feels like to be alone. 

What can you do if you find yourself in this position?

Firstly remember Christmas is just another day, it will come and then go again, it is only a day. What do you want to do on this day? There are no set rules. Do what you want to do, join the people who may have asked you, what do you have to lose? Take yourself away, join other people who you know are on their own. You can always do nothing, after all, it's your choice. Another option is to make yourself available to help others; homeless shelters, hospitals and charity organisations welcome volunteers, you may even find a huge satisfaction from helping others. You may meet new people - friends, who may be in a lone position in life and understand what you are experiencing. 

You may not feel like it but it is up to you to get out there and do some thing about your life. You can make changes, so why not try?

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