Calling for a counsellor?

What will make you call a counsellor for help? You have perhaps been struggling for a while to manage stresses and anxiety in your life, something holding you back, keeping you stuck where you are that you need help to get over and move forward. Is that right?  If so, then what is stopping you getting the help you need, the help out there that will make such a positive difference to you?

  • Well, it might be fear - of the unknown, the uncertainty of who you will be talking to and how they receive you and 'your problem'; it might be fear of what could come up during your discussions, how much you might 'let slip' without intending to and where that could lead!  

It will be reassuring to know then that you are in control all the time with a counsellor.  You will be aware of what you say and how much you share at any point, yet be able to access those inner thoughts creating the anxious feelings that you are seeking help to banish!

Your counsellor is trained to help you with practical skills but also has the emotional connection to helping people - helping you - to move on and rid yourself of those haunting memories that pop up and hold you hostage!

  • It might be that you don't often, if ever, share yourself with others, close family, friends and certainly not strangers! After your first session, you won't be strangers anymore!

It is comforting, then, that you will have a distance from the personal connection that will, in time, allow you to distance yourself from the problems you're having now, and yet build and maintain a supportive connection with your counsellor who you trust and explore with. You find comfort, acceptance, understanding and empathy (not sympathy and feeling sorry for you) that you rarely find anywhere else.

  • Perhaps you can't afford the charges for sessions, think it's too much for a session or a few that you will need.

Well, can you afford not to have that help? You spend on your hair, clothes and outward shows of being fine, being happy and in the right frame of mind when, in fact, you're not - yet! Spending on your sessions will help you not only overcome the current issues you're facing, but give you insights and techniques that you can take forward to help in future, or even that prevent any future issues arising for you because you learn your inner strength and how to use it more effectively. It's a life long benefit you gain.

  • It may be just taking that leap! Picking up the phone or writing your first e-mail enquiry to find out who they are and how they will help you get back your mind and your life!

What do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing! It's just an enquiry. Just a note or limited conversation to find out more. There is no commitment yet and you will have got over your first hurdle already, taken your first step toward your well-being and healing.

And what do you have to gain? Everything! Your mind back on track, your life moving forward, your confidence improved and your struggles behind you for once! 

Take the step now and get the help you need. You've waited long enough... you deserve to be free of the stress and strain, the agony and the angst of your thoughts, feelings and barriers that could be gone in a matter of days!

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All therapists are verified professionals