Back to school - Back to self

The arrival of September heralds the definitive end of summer. Memories of a return to school, new uniforms and pencil cases and, for many, an accompanying feeling of dread abide. For most of us our school days are long done but still the feeling of the end of good times and a return to the grind persists at this time of the year.

Summer is full of pleasant distractions – picnics, holidays, barbeque parties and long lazy days. But as the nights get longer, we inevitably become a bit more introspective. Autumn for many marks the start of a new term, turning a fresh leaf, a completely blank copy book and pristine textbooks. If we were to take the same fresh approach to ourselves, what would it feel like? What would we like to learn?

The ancient Greeks, no slouches when it came to education, counselled that self-knowledge is the ultimate learning. The maxim inscribed at the entrance to the Apollo temple at Delphi summed it up succinctly: “know thyself”. While there are many ways to stretch ourselves and expand our minds, to understand oneself is the probably the most life changing course we can embark upon. Autumn is a great time to start a journey of self-discovery through therapy.  So, what are you waiting for?

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