Addiction recovery in lockdown

Addiction grows in the dark and fades in the light of exposure. This explained means: a person who suffers with addiction may have the perplexity to keep it hidden; and also carry the fear in exposing it; in case it halts there need to use. However, when bringing it into the light there is a means to stop, which can be acquired in this revelation. Thus, the addiction decreases in power. 

During lockdown addiction has an additional strength - isolation. The current restrictions in place are a feeding ground to an addict's reactions. Boredom, loneliness, low mood, dark weather, and a busy mind can all trigger a reaction to change those uncomfortable feelings. A quick call (a break of the law) and there awaits the instant fix. Then the merry go round is ignited and a perpetual cycle administered. 

So what can change? In simple - a consequence occurs. An internal breakdown; or an external shock. In either case a new found rational thought instigates a motivation to seek help of some sort. Confiding in a friend, a chat with the arresting police officer or a heart to heart with a family member. A multitude of reasons can lead to that cry for help. If it’s heard and action arisen, then the road can open up to recovery. 

A huge step to take - then put the plan in action. Follow the new way suggested and walk with the direction offered. The unknown may seem scary, but it is necessary to continue no matter what resistance you may feel. The further away from active addiction you move, the more confidence you may feel in your path. 

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Daily disciplines such as: meditation, journaling, digital mutual support groups, exercise, sleep management, balanced nutritional diet and so forth. These and others are the strings to our bows. They assist a defense to the old familiar coping mechanism - addiction. They help faze out the old and influence a new way of living. Fading the darker elements and shining a new light in our life. Freedom beckons. Newly liberated and in a better place fresh ideas begin to emerge. 

Lockdown recovery is possible. It’s happening amongst us, when sought. It requires self management with digital support. An earnest energy to carry out the recognised method. Change is going on in many people who follow a recovery model. It’s all in motion and worldwide.

So this lockdown in all its entirety has provided a space for a reevaluation in people’s lives. Addressing an addiction is one success that has been the outcome of the current climate. What else can be helped by this recent opportunity? I’m sure many people can begin the healing to their own mental health needs; with the incredible resources that are now available. It’s different than before and effective too. If it’s time,  then go seek it, as you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you're reading this article my hope is you may have gained motivational insight and make a healthy decision for yourself. 

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Guildford GU2 & Chertsey KT16

Written by Warren Vinciguerra

Guildford GU2 & Chertsey KT16

A restored therapist from my own haunted past. I work with this experience closely when treating clients with similar issues. Educational experience of studying for 5 years where I gained a hard-earned BA (Hons) in Counselling. Working at some of the UK’s leading private treatment centres practising therapy with some of the leading researchers.

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