A toolbox for better mental health

I sometimes use a toolbox analogy with clients. Over the course of sessions, we explore what resources they are already using to improve their mental health and consider what other strategies they could adopt.

These 'tools' can be anything from; coming for counselling, talking to a friend, going for a run, taking an art class or practicing a breathing technique. When a client jokes about their toolbox being heavy I know we're getting somewhere!

It means they have a better understanding of the tools available to them and are feeling more empowered and resilient with a better sense of how they can improve their own wellbeing.

The best thing about the toolbox is - the contents are personal and tailored to the individual. Plus it's portable so when sessions end clients know they can keep on accessing those tools in future or add different ones as they need.

Try it for yourself.

Next time you're feeling anxious or depressed or you're struggling with a problem in your life, ask yourself - what have I already got in my toolbox that could help with this? What other tools could I acquire? Then take a moment to consider if sessions with a counsellor could be one of the tools you invest in.

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London SW11

Written by Verity Owers

London SW11

Verity Owers is an Integrative Counsellor who offers general counselling for a wide range of issues, as well as specialist support with bereavement and loss. Whether clients are struggling with a particular issue or generally feeling unhappy, Verity helps them to explore what is holding them back so they can start to move forward with their lives.

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