A time to be kind

For many, a new year offers us a psychological fresh start. At this time of year, we are permitted to reflect on our ourselves and our lives and encouraged to make positive changes. As the stigma (and shame) of self-reflection is temporarily lifted, we allow ourselves to listen to and acknowledge how we truly feel. When we stop and tune into the voice within, many of us hear what we are trying to quieten:

The bullying thoughts that we are not good enough, failures, too this, not enough that...

Many of us don't have a strong connection to our authentic self that wants us to thrive and look after ourselves.

As we detox, join gyms, make resolutions we may never keep (as a result of successful self-sabotage), try to lean in close to yourself, listen to what you really need. If your dominant voice within is unkind, I ask you to consider taking positive steps towards healing yourself.

Having a better, kinder relationship with yourself doesn't have to be something that you work on for a month or two, watching it fade as the flurry of new year passes and the acceptable period of self-care is over. If you choose, it can be a life changing lifestyle choice.

With support in a therapeutic relationship, you can learn to value and love yourself in a way that naturally soothes the part of you that is in pain. New year is an opportunity to embrace change. I propose that we take this time to embrace ourselves.

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