5 ways counselling can help you

1. A problem shared is a problem halved

Do you remember hearing that advice? It is true. But only when your problem is shared with the right people. Sharing your worries with family and friends often comes along with the unwanted emotion of guilt, you may not want to worry those close to you, so you bottle it up. But speaking to a counsellor allows you the freedom to let it all out knowing they won't 'take on' your troubles as theirs. That's why they spend years in training!

2. Freedom from judgement

Well it's more than that really... they won't judge you, they won't blame you and they won't tell you what they would do in your shoes. A good counsellor lets you work it out for yourself whilst being by your side offering support. And in today's modern world where often judgement and expectations are all around this is becoming more and more precious.

3. Nothing is taboo

Whether your problems stem from childhood, or from sexuality. Whether on the outside it seems small, but inside it is eating you up. Or if its something you have never told anybody - your counsellor is ready to listen.

4. Help to tame those negative thoughts

You know the ones, those thoughts that keep you up all night long? Or maybe they stop you getting out of bed in the morning? Or prevent you from leaving the house? Different methods of counselling can help you battle these thoughts and gain back control.

5. Boost confidence

Allowing yourself time and space to become the real you within the counselling room often naturally increases your confidence. With careful questioning and offerings of different perspectives, your counsellor can help you transfer this new found confidence into daily life.

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Accrington, Lancashire, BB5 1HN
Written by Rachel Nelmes, @Towards Change Ltd
Accrington, Lancashire, BB5 1HN

Rachel is a practising private counsellor with a background in volunteering with charities across the north west. She has a BA (Hons) counselling degree and continues to develop her learning by undertaking a post grad cert in Autism and Asperger's syndrome which is where her passion and future specialism lies.

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