Suffering with anxiety and panic attacks


Since September 2015 I have been suffering with anxiety which led to panic attacks. They made me feel so low and I didn't know what to do as the doctor wasn't really interested and tried to prescribe me with anti-depressants which I don't believe in taking a pill to make me feel better in myself (that's just me), although I know it works for other people.

I Googled help and came across this website and a counsellor that was near me. I thought I'd give anything a go as my panic attacks were getting quite frequent and bad. I spoke with the counsellor over the phone and she went through everything.

When I went to my first appointment I was very anxious, but she made me feel at ease and I started to open up. Before all this, my partner asked why I get like this my answer was to him 'I don't know, I just do!'

Within the first session, she managed to get out of me why - it was brilliant! Once I knew what and why I was anxious we worked on each individual thing and by the sixth session we both decided I didn't need counselling anymore. It has helped me understand a lot of things about myself and I have found my confidence and much more. Would I recommend counselling? Definitely!

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All therapists are verified professionals

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