I was emotionally and physically abused for 5 years at secondary school and I had counselling when I was in my second year. Seeing a counsellor was the best thing I have ever done because bullying at school caused me to become very depressed and I had low self esteem and confidence. My counsellor's name was Sue and she helped me a lot through the hard time I was experiencing. I had my counselling sessions in a clinic, and this made things a whole lot easier because I was talking to someone who didn't know me or what had happened to me unless I told her, which meant she wouldn't judge me. I was a little nervous at first, especially while I was sat in the waiting area not knowing who my counsellor was as only my mum had met her at my school. But when I went into my session, it was very relaxed and Sue reassured me that I was safe and I could talk to her about anything I felt she needed to know. The counselling sessions weren't so much about what I had been through but they were to find solutions on how I could help myself and get my life back on track. It was to help me become happy again and I can honestly say after 5 years I feel as though I am almost where I need to be again. There is still some part of anxiety there and sometimes I get negative thoughts about myself but I am fixing that and improving my thoughts about myself and what I need to do. My counsellor has helped me to change my life and I thank her for everything she helped with with. I am so grateful that she was there for me at the time and all the reassurance she gave me. She gave me the encouragement I needed. Thanks to my counsellor I am now able to defend myself and show the bullies that I can become a much happier and stronger girl than they made me feel. Despite the situation, counselling is the best experience I have ever done to help me continue my life as the happy girl that I am today.

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