Walk and talk outdoor therapy training

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18th May 2024, 9.30am - 2.15pm
Open to all
Flat 69, 130 Barlby Road, London, Business address not event address, W10 6DR

Continuing professional development for therapists and coaches of all disciplines.

This event takes place in three parks outside, in person. So far this year we've had two events to great success. And lucky with the weather too!

Course outline

Learning to take your coaching and therapy outside:

The focus of this Walk and Talk course is to learn to incorporate or adapt your style of therapy and coaching to working and walking outside, be that in parks, rivers, coast, mountains. Or even through your phone when one party is outside and the other online.

The course benefits from multi-discipline participation, it’s interactive and discursive. We will learn from each other as well as gain insight into our greatest healer – nature herself. This course also provides an insight into Forest Bathing, which is known in Japan as Shinrin Yoku.

Highlights include:

  • Understanding the broad application of walking therapy.
  • Biophilia and nature’s effect on stress and burnout.
  • Forest bathing.
  • Discovering the importance of natural light and earthing.
  • How the power of metaphor in nature can heal.
  • Balancing our screen overload – how nature can help in digital well-being.

This is a half-day workshop running from 9:30am-2:15pm.

Satisfying CPD requirements, it is a course for qualified therapists, coaches and health practitioners in any field, who wish to learn about walking therapy and incorporating nature therapy (also called eco therapy and green therapy) into their practice. 

In this discursive style workshop, you will be learning to add an extra dynamic to your therapy business by expanding your learnings by incorporating our most innate healing – nature. The focus of this course is to learn to adapt your style of therapy for working outside. Parks, forests, rivers, coast, mountains.  This course also addresses the business of working outside, insurance, confidentiality and safety.

** For more information visit the Nature Sense website.  

Benefits for your business

Optimising, adapting and enhancing your current therapeutic practice by opening up and increasing revenue streams in a more healthy, congruent and cost-free setting. Understanding the skills you have and how they transfer to working in nature.

Benefits for your client

Overall healthy improvement in both mind and body. For our purposes, we’ll focus on reduction of anxiety, depression and the corresponding increase in confidence, mood and overall perspectives. Your outside sessions act as both an unsaid illustration of wellbeing – talking, moving more directly to feeling.

Further info:

  • 8 persons per group max.
  • Pre attendance preparation sheet.
  • Post-course support and supervision included.
  • Certificate of participation: Nature Sense accreditation on completion of proof of learning exercise.
  • Recommended reading supplied.

Price: £97 with prior booking or £125 on the day.

What you’ll be able to do after this course:

See clients outside - in parks, by the river, walks, etc…

Who will be your ideal client?

  • Those with anxiety, depression, grief and overwhelm.
  • Clients who want purpose and happiness in their life.
  • There will be some discussions towards ADHD if requested by the group.

Who will this suit?

This is a course for therapists and their CPD for instance Counselling, CBT, Gestalt, Adlerian, Freudian, Jungian, Family, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching.

According to Dr Richardson head of psychology at the University of Derby: “There is already research evidence that exposure to nature can reduce high blood pressure well as improve vitality and mood; benefit issues of mental wellbeing such as anxiety; and restore attention capacity and mental fatigue. But more than that, feeling a part of nature has been shown to significantly correlate with life satisfaction, vitality, meaningfulness, happiness, mindfulness, and lower cognitive anxiety. ?It doesn’t matter what your core therapy is, it can be taken outside”.

For full information, visit naturesense.info or email naturesense@bmcc.biz.

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Hosted by Fiona Austin

My name is Fiona Austin. I've been a psychotherapist and counsellor for over 18 years. Nature Sense was developed 10 years ago alongside my more traditional practice. Join us.