The mixed race experience therapy group

Open to all
£25 per session

Are you from a mixed heritage?

Would a space where you can talk about your experiences of being mixed race be beneficial for you?

Growing up as a mixed race person can be very different to those who are of one race. There are different challenges and experiences to navigate.

This group will allow you to explore topics that relate to your experiences as being mixed race, whilst connecting them to emotions, thoughts and feelings.

The group is a safe and confidential space that will allow you to explore identity, terms, parents, conflict, and relationships.

You will be able to bring the content and be guided through it by me as a counsellor.

Starts: Wednesday 5th May at 6pm - 7:30pm (18+). Your group will be small with up to eight people.

For more details or to book your space and have a chat with me, send me a message or email

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Hosted by Danielle Miller

I have my own personal experience of low mood and depression and know how important it can be to talk to others who do understand. I also know that there is a way forward and life can continue with you in a happier place.

Hosted by Danielle Miller