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The man in the mirror is domestic violence program. 

Aim and objectives: 

Our belief is working with men and boys to STOP violence against women and girls is essential. The man in the mirror (TMITM) A perpetrator violence intervention program is to carefully evaluate the objectives of the program to ensure that victims’ safety is central to the work.

Alexandra Groves the trainer and Founder for the man in the mirror domestic abuse intervention project, proposes the following principles and guidelines for a domestic abuse intervention program.

• To guarantee safety for the partners of group participants.
• Aim and work to end domestic abuse by constructing a culture of deterrence.
• To ensure the program is collaborating with the prisons, courts, children services, self referrals, solicitors.
• To teach perpetrators alternative coercive, controlling, and violent behaviours in intimate relationships.

The man in the mirror philosophy:

• Violence is intentional.
• Individual men can change.
• Except in cases of self-defence, there is always alternative to violence.

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Hosted by Alexandra Groves

Alexandra Groves is a MBACP Counsellor of 18 years, and also has an degree in Criminal Justice and/Psychology, studied in psychopathology. I also have 33 years in the social care. Working in mental health, hostels, probation, prisons, and also my own private counselling practice. While I am the front lead for this will be geust speakers

Hosted by Alexandra Groves