Support group for trans, non-binary and gender-expansive people

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Ongoing, 5.30pm - 7.00pm
Open to all

This is a friendly open, drop-in, therapeutic support group, which runs monthly, online for 1.5 hours, for trans, non-binary and gender expansive folk anywhere in the world, aged 18+. New attendees will always be welcome.

Why monthly, group and online?

  • Groups are preventative mental health care in a world that focuses on getting help when things are already far gone.
  • Accessible to people who may be far away from trans communities.
  • An affordable option for those unable to fund 1:1 sessions.
  • Groups allow for sharing of hard-won wisdom from real lived experiences.
  • Queer safer spaces in the pandemic are more difficult to find yet more valuable.
  • Frequent sessions allow for connections to build and grow over time.

Each group will have a small energising introduction, a question of the month on a topic, and an optional well-being suggestion for the month ahead. A working agreement will be produced at the start of each session to bring a sense of safety, confidentiality and comfort.

Aims and hopes:

  • Weaving hope together, being alongside with despair.
  • Peer support and encouragement.
  • Sharing ideas on sustaining wellbeing.
  • Supporting collective compassion, increased belonging and community resilience.
  • Talking in the spirit of togetherness and solidarity.
  • Cultivating knowledge of creative forms of everyday resilience on overcoming the storms of life.
  • Mapping our people, tribes, chosen family, bubbles and teams around us.
    Attendees will also receive a tool kit of resources, tools and strategies for responding to troubling times, which will grow over time for others.


The group has a spirit of peer facilitation, with a professional facilitator on hand to lean in at the start, end and where useful. Communities are super important in sustaining mental health and wellbeing and the ethic is to create a compassionate emotional holding of one another which builds over time.

Discussion themes

  • How to sustain ourselves when things are triggering in media and society
  • What would preventative mental health care look like?
  • What makes a good ally?
  • How do we promote and demote folk in our chosen families, tribe, bubble or team?
  • Who helps us get ready in the backstage of our life?
  • Self-Care vs. Collective-Care: is there a shift happening?
  • How do we recharge our head, heart and body batteries?


The group is capped at a maximum of 12 attendees per session and a minimum of three attendees and tickets are on a first-come-first-served basis. If less than three attendees sign up automatic, refunds will be given and you will be notified of the next group.

How do I attend?

When you get yourself a ticket, you will be emailed a link for the group and a reminder email closer to the time. Tickets can be purchased at

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Hosted by Dr Dane Duncan Mills

Your facilitator The group is peer-facilitated, alongside Dr Dane Duncan (Clinical Psychologist) HCPC registered, who has specialist training and publications on trans group therapy - Author of 'The Theatre of Life' collective therapy co-produced by trans people for trans people via Gendered Intelligence in London.

Hosted by Dr Dane Duncan Mills