Seemingly Irrelevant Decisions (S.irdS) that can lead to relapse

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15th April 2024, 12.30pm - 2.00pm
Open to all
£30 payable on booking.

Seemingly irrelevant decisions that can lead to addiction relapse

An interactive, psych-educational workshop for counsellors, trainees and anyone with an interest in addiction recovery.

Recovery from any addiction is a process not a single step. It begins with an important and essential decision to change. Yet recovery for many is different to abstinence. Abstinence can mean clinging on for dear life. Recovery is about reducing these fears. It occurs in a long series of interconnected decisions over time. This is an opportunity to learn additional insights and skills to enhance your own recovery or practice, - perhaps to pass onto clients. 

  • Changing attitudes: behaviours, people, places, things.
  • Saying yes and saying no.
  • Considering boundary setting - emotional, physical, financial.
  • Making better choices and decisions - what to do, where to go. Improved decision-making can be crucial. 
  • What and who to avoid in early recovery and why!
  • Common pitfalls including family issues.
  • Learning about Seemingly Irrelevant Decisions is an additional set of tools in anyone's recovery-based toolkit.
  • Learning about the various twists and turns.
  • How to spot red flag zones, navigate them, anticipate them, and importantly - avoid or get through them - can clarify issues and make the whole process easier.

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Sign up for this interesting, useful, practical, tried and tested workshop/webinar today. Do pass on to any friends, family members, colleagues, or sponsees that may benefit or be interested. No disclosure of personal recovery is required. 

Jacq is a London-trained, BACP-registered Psychotherapist who has worked in both community drug and alcohol clinics and some of the UK's premier addiction rehabs. She is a clinical supervisor (Psychotherapy/Counselling) and has an 80-hour, BACP-approved certificate in online working.

Course details

Priced for inclusivity. This is a standalone psych-ed workshop that will be repeated over the forthcoming months.

£30, open to all. Includes worksheets.
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Unfortunately, no discounts are available for this already competitively priced workshop. 

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Hosted by Jacqueline Colligan

Jacqueline is a highly qualified therapist who has worked at senior level in several of the UK's premier mental health clinics. A former university lecturer & trainer, specialising in behaviour change, with a strong academic track record that underpins her therapeutic skills. Specialisms are : addiction/trauma/relationship therapy & DBT.

Hosted by Jacqueline Colligan