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Currently, I am one of a number of volunteer mindfulness teachers with the Mindfulness Network Community Friends. We run a free monthly mindfulness group for men.


The Mindfulness Group for Men (MGM) is a free monthly online session open to both men who are completely new to mindfulness and to those with experience. We meet on the third Saturday of each month, 11am-12pm.

Meditations are guided by qualified and experienced volunteer teachers.

Yes, men meditate too! 

Statistically, more women practice mindfulness than men, showing that we seem to be less drawn to the world of mindfulness. But regular practice may bring many benefits - help you live in the now, relieve stress, lower blood pressure, become less reactive and support a calmer disposition. 

The MGM was set up in January 2021 with the intention of creating a welcoming place for men to begin their mindfulness journey and /or deepen their practice. Our ambition is to attract more men into the practice of this millennial wholesome tradition.

This event is offered by the Mindfulness Network Community Friends (MNCF) - an initiative to engage the wider mindfulness community and reach new audiences. Led by a Committee of Volunteers, supported by the Mindfulness Network, we run a programme of free events and inspiring content. Please visit the Mindfulness Network Community Friends page for more opportunities to practice and learn together.

Use the same Zoom link for each one of our meetings:

Meeting ID: 821 9180 3393
Passcode: 559455 

Dates (time is always 11am-12pm):

  • 17th September 2022 
  • 15th October 2022 
  • 19th November 2022
  • 17th December 2022
  • 21st January 2023
  • 18th February 2023
  • 18th March 2023
  • 15th April 2023
  • 20th May 2023
  • 17th June 2023
  • 15th July 2023
  • no meeting in August 2023

These sessions are free, but a donation (however small) will help us to improve our support for mindfulness and compassion teachers and trainees through the funding of training courses, retreats and supervisions. Find out more about donations at

The Mindfulness Network and its volunteers take every care in their preparation of events to make sure they are appropriate for the audience. Please be aware that you are choosing to participate in our freely offered events at your own risk. We invite you to carefully consider your own personal circumstances and experience when joining these events. The Mindfulness Network terms and conditions apply (though payment and cancellation policies are not relevant for freely offered events) and the Mindfulness Network can not accept any liability for any injury, loss or damage, suffered during or in relation to the event however this may be caused.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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Hosted by Robert Hawkes

I am Rob, a qualified Mindfulness Teacher in MBCT-D, MBCT-L, Finding Peace in a Frantic World and Mindfulness: Teaching in the Workplace. I am accredited with BAMBA. A CBT therapist & supervisor- accredited with the BABCP. Along with this I am an Accredtetd EMDR practitioner and a state registered occupational therapist.