Group supervision: Integrating EFT with your current modality

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Counsellors and trainees

Group supervision: EFT (emotional freedom technique) for therapists who have a basic knowledge of EFT and need support to integrate it with their current modality while maintaining their own supervision arrangements.

Cost £30. Various dates available. Maximum of three per 90-minute group. EFT is a powerful therapy tool, recognised by the NICE guidelines as being effective for PTSD, and integrates well with modalities across the board. Many therapists have attended an introduction to EFT but need ongoing support to start using the technique in therapy. 

A basic knowledge of EFT is useful in conjunction with other therapy modalities and can deliver good outcomes at times. When skills are honed with EFT specific supervision, EFT can regularly deliver excellent results. Many people liken it to playing the violin: a basic knowledge of the notes makes it possible to play simple tunes. With ongoing coaching, a virtuoso performance becomes possible.

For therapists who just require EFT specific supervision to ‘bolt on’ to their current supervision arrangements. I offer monthly EFT focused group supervision of 60 minutes for two participants and 90 minutes for three participants. 

I have experience delivering EFT training and using EFT with clients working on complex issues. 

Contact me via my Counselling Directory profile to book a place.

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Hosted by Nina Parker

Nina Parker Counsellor/psychotherapist EFT Practitioner and Accredited Energy Psychotherapist, Trainer and Supervisor.