ASPECTS workshop on working with anger: Introducing a CBT approach to working with anger

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27th November 2015, 9.30am - 3.30pm
Counsellors and trainees
£65 (including light refreshments) parking available nearby
Life Force Centre for Natural Well-Being, 3 East Hill, Colchester, CO1 2QL

Working with anger

Core beliefs and assumptions relating to anger.

STAXI – 2      

The State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory-2 is a 57-item inventory which measures the intensity of anger as an emotional state (State Anger) and the disposition to experience angry feelings as a personality trait (Trait Anger).

NAS – P1       

The Novaco Anger Scale (60 items), explains how an individual experiences anger.

The Provocation Inventory (25 items), identifies anger-inducing situations.

We will explore “anger in” and “anger out” and as well as discovering essential tools to safely manage anger and transform anger effectively.


  • Amanda Perl MSc., BSc. (Hons), MBPsS, MBACP (Reg) 
  • Anne Gisby BSc Hons  MBACP Senior Accredited Counsellor

Suitability and CPD: 

  • A CPD certificated workshop as per attendance.
  • Also available as part of the aspects training and development modular practitioner certificate.
  • Suitable for counsellors, psychotherapists, clinicians and all related mental health practitioners.  

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Hosted by Amanda Perl

Anne Gisby and Amanda Perl have extensive professional practice backgrounds utilising a range of therapeutic interventions in addition to producing and facilitating programmes. Anne and Amanda have both set up and managed clinical services. Both currently work in private practice and tutor and lecture on a Stage 4 BACP Accredited Diploma.