Adult attachment and relationship: What does it mean for therapy?

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7th October 2024, 9.30am - 3.30pm
Open to all

In this new course moving on from Bowlby, we look at the latest in adult attachment theory and how it impacts on client, therapist and the therapy as a whole. We will look at the links between trauma and attachment and the latest neuroscience developments.

As with all our workshops, we'll take a practical look at how we can utilise current knowledge in our work with clients and what it adds to our understanding of how we work with our clients. Inevitably with this course, we'll look at our own attachment styles and ways of being in relationship with others.  

The theory of adult attachment, primary and secondary systems, and where does it ‘fit’ in terms of emotional resilience?

  • Polyvagal theory and right and left brain attunement.
  • Attachment through a somatic lens.
  • How does a client’s attachment history affect therapy?
  • Why is it important to have an understanding of attachment when working with traumatised clients?
  • How does therapist attachment style impact the therapeutic relationship?
  • What’s the latest neuroscience around attachment? What does it mean for therapy?
  • Numbers restricted to a maximum of 20.

Price: £75

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Hosted by Lynsey Lowe

Lynsey Lowe is a BACP accredited therapist with extensive experience of working with survivors of childhood abuse. Sally French was a sexual offences specialist lawyer who worked for the CPS for 25 years. She is now a UKCP accredited therapist. Lynsey and Sally both enjoy training and working together to aid survivors and therapists.