A taste of Gestalt therapy

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9th July 2022, 10.00am - 5.00pm
Open to all
£105 (non-members); £90 (members); £90 (non-members)
20 Lonsdale Road, London, NW6 6RD

Gestalt is a German word meaning ‘whole’ in the sense of the whole being a sum of its parts. It has a theory that arises from through the integration of many strands including Kurt Lewin’s field theory, existentialism, body psychotherapy, phenomenology, psychodrama and Zen Buddhism.  

Contact and boundaries are important in Gestalt theory which provides a description of how we exist, learn and grow as individuals, interconnected within and as part of a physical, psychological and relational environment or field. The theory provides a framework for therapeutic work that is naturally integrative and responsive.

In its early days, Gestalt was associated with Fritz Perls, two chair work, challenge and confrontation. However, he was one of a group of founders others of whom have influenced contemporary Gestalt practitioners with an emphasis on relationships and authentic self-expression.  A good Gestalt therapist has a sensitive and empathic attitude combined with the ability to be direct and immediate, creatively responding to the individual(s) they are with rather than from a rule book.

This workshop offers a practical introduction to Gestalt theoretically, historically and practically. It will introduce key aspects of Gestalt theory with experiential exercises, a Gestalt group experience, opportunities to explore and practice.

Participants will be supported to pay attention to their emotional and physical feelings throughout and in focusing on what is taking place for them relationally in the present. In this way, they will learn aspects of Gestalt practice and theory and gain insight into some of their own relational processes.

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Hosted by The Minster Centre Psychotherapy and Counselling Services

The Minster Centre provides professional training in counselling and psychotherapy and an affordable therapy service. Founded in 1978 as the first integrative training programme in the UK, it has now established itself as the leading integrative psychotherapy and counselling training institute in Europe.


Hosted by The Minster Centre Psychotherapy and Counselling Services

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