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My name is Chelsey Harvey. I live in Lincoln and offer a private independent counselling service based here for both adults and children.

At 16 years old I went through a difficult time which led me to seek some counselling to help me overcome my troubles. The counselling I received gave me support and therapy in a safe place where I could explore and gain greater understanding of myself and why I was the way I was. I learnt skills and strategies to help me cope, change and accept these things moving forward in a healthier, positive way. It was truly life changing and I knew way back then I wanted to study myself and become a qualified counsellor.

As a counsellor I feel privileged to be able to support individuals on their own therapeutic journeys. I always work to the best of my ability and the client remains at the centre of all the work. I provide my clients with a safe, calm environment for them to discuss and reflect on their problem. I aim to give them chance to be heard and opportunity to make a change. I work in an integrative way which means I use lots of different theories depending on the presenting issues. This way of working allows me to adapt and choose the best counselling style at that time for the individual client.

I am an approachable, empathic person. I am a good listener and non-judgemental of anything clients share.

The first appointment with any client whether they are a child or an adult is the assessment session. This session is about information gathering, agreeing contracts and terms of therapy. It is opportunity to assess and decide if counselling is going to be the best service to meet the required need. Lastly but not by any means least it is a time that the client gets to meet me and see if they feel they want to have therapy with me.

Training, qualifications & experience

I have been working as a counsellor for some time now in a variety of settings including a GP Surgery, a charity based service and at my own private practice. My practice is called Brickwork Therapeutic Counselling and is based in Lincoln. I offer 1-1 Counselling for for individuals aged 7 years - senior citizens with a wide range of problems.

I have the following qualifications and training:

  • AQA Counselling Introduction into Counselling Concepts
  • Advanced Counselling Skills and Theory
  • ASSIST trained
  • Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Diploma in Counselling Children and Adolescents
  • Advanced Diploma in Counselling Skills and Theory level 5
  • Certificate in Counselling Adult Survivors of Abuse
  • Diploma in Creative Therapy
  • Tutor Skills Diploma
  • IEMT practitioner.

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Registered / Accredited

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£40.00 per session

Additional information

I charge £20 for the initial assessment session and then £40 a session there after, for primary aged children I charge £30. My sessions last an hour for adults and for children either 45 minutes or 1 hour depending on what is most suitable for the individual. I am pretty flexible with days and times and more than happy to discuss this with clients and come up with the best time for everyone.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

I try to stick to regular working hours, but I can have some flexibility with this.

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“When I lost my Mum it was such a shock and I couldn’t really take it in… after about 7 months the grief really hit me. I was really struggling to cope with anything and everything, I knew I needed help. At this point I met Chelsey and at first I didn’t really believe that Bereavement Counselling would work for me, I couldn’t really see how I would ever cope with the death of my mum. Chelsey was extremely professional, approachable and fully explained the process to me. After weekly sessions I started to understand the grief cycle, or rather my grief cycle. I had counselling for around six months of and then the appointments felt different more like I was going for a chat with a friend – it was at this point I knew my counselling journey with Chelsey had worked and I no longer needed her support (she said this would happen, we would both know when it was time for counselling to end). I would definitely recommend Chelsey, I honestly can’t thank her enough and even now I have my moments, but I understand them, because of Chelsey and the brilliant support that she gave me.” - Anonymous Female

"Thank you so much for all your support through my first journey in counselling and for getting me back to myself again. Before I met Chelsey I didn’t feel in control, experienced anxiety and didn’t really see any light at the end of the tunnel. I was not equipped with the right tools to handle everything and I slowly sunk into what I thought was depression and anxiety. Before Chelsey I couldn’t really see clear; not now- I can see everything clear and I feel excited about life again. Chelsey equipped me coping mechanisms and tools to deal with when life throws me a curved ball. I am now planning my future with my wife and family and have lots to look forward too. I am a 66 year old male and always thought Counselling was a waste of time and money until my daughter booked and paid for sessions for me. My opinion of counselling has been changed; it provides you with tools, changes your thinking pattern and gave me my peace of mind I was begging for inside. Thank you so much Chelsey for your support I will always be truly grateful to you.” - Anonymous Male

"I had been suffering with health anxiety and mild depression for just under a year before I got in touch with Chelsey. I was at the point of constantly thinking I was terminally ill and had convinced myself that my kids and wife were going to be left without a dad/husband. I couldn’t do normal things like going to work or shopping without breaking down. I finally plucked up the courage to talk to a doctor and they recommended counselling. I always thought counselling wouldn’t be for me, but how wrong was I! I instantly felt at ease the first time I met Chelsey, that was important as I find it hard to talk about my feelings and open up. She gave me tools and ways to combat my anxiety that I still use and will continue to use. I feel I am close to being back to normal, and my kids and wife have their dad/ husband back and that’s all down to Chelsey and I am massively grateful to her.” - Anonymous Male

"Thank you for helping me with my worries as counselling has helped me a lot. I can do loads more things now like sleepovers or leaving my parents. My favourite things that we did are the role play where I choose toys to represent teachers or friends or something and we used them to show I will be okay even if I am upset. I also liked the mood cards that we did where I choose moods that I feel and then put them with the opposite mood. I think that counselling really really helped.” - Anonymous Girl, aged 9 years

"I would like to thank Chelsey for being so welcoming and understanding at a very difficult time in my life. Her professionalism was paramount and I feel confident to recommend her counselling services to anyone who feels that they need emotional support and appropriate advice. I always felt at ease in her presence and found the setting at Brickwork Therapeutic Counselling to be a very calm and relaxing atmosphere.” - Anonymous Male

"Chelsey has helped me with standing up for myself if someone is mean, and to not bottle my worries up because it is not going to help” - Anonymous Girl, aged 9 years

"Chelsey has helped my daughter to be resilient and believe in herself when faced with negativity from other children at school” - Anonymous Mother of a 9 year old

“Chelsey always made me feel relaxed and was easy to talk to. She helped me look at things in a happier way.” - Anonymous Girl aged 10 years

"It was lovely to meet Chelsey, who put me at ease on our first meeting. She gave me great support as I was in a terrible state of grief. Over the weeks I began to feel calmer and more able to cope. Grief never goes away but with Chelsey’s help I am able to cope and gave me great ways to cope with my grief.” - Anonymous Female

"Our daughters behaviour at age 7 started to change. We first thought it might be kids just being kids but slowly we started to see her behavioural patterns getting more intense in a negative way. This wasn’t an overnight change, it was something that took place over a 2 year period. We had researched all we could. We identified that unfortunately she was struggling with her mindset, finding everyday simple tasks like going to school and leaving the house very difficult to carry out, causing stress that a now 10 year old did not deserve. Our daughter was doing fantastic at school but hiding away from her friends and teachers and sometimes parents how she was really actually feeling. Soul destroying to see this happen as a parent. We really did fear the future for her. If she couldn’t carry out normal everyday tasks now how would she be when she became a secondary school student especially with the pressure that is now put on children as they get older. Not knowing really what to do as we had tried many methods to try our best as parents to help her.... but then Along came Chelsey from Brickwork Therapeutic Counselling. Chelsey has taught our daughter many different strategies to help manage her struggles. From colour breathing to positive self-talk, worry dolls and the talking stick to name just a few. Our daughter is now equipped with a fantastic helpful checklist to continue to assist her when life gets tough. The change that we have seen in our daughter over the last 12 sessions has been nothing short of a miracle. We say change, what we really mean is Chelsey has taught our daughter skills which have enabled her to just be her again. The bright bubbly super intelligent pretty little girl is now back in our lives. Don’t get us wrong, she still has to work at certain things at certain times but now she has the tools to do it life is so much happier for her, just as it should be for all 10 year olds. We were lucky as parents as we spotted early on that our daughter needed some professional help, we feel incredibly grateful to Chelsey. She is a very professional lady who carried out fantastic attention to detail when it came to helping our daughter. Our daughter feels she gained a friend for life of which she can always call upon again if needed, but Chelsey has given us as parents the upmost confidence that our daughter is now able to manage any hurdles that life puts in the way. We highly recommend Chelsey, she is an incredibly nice lady, very easy to get on with and more importantly very good at her profession. Life isn’t easy sometimes to deal with as grown-ups but even more difficult as a child who is in need of some support.” - Anonymous parents of 10 year old daughter

“When I first walked into Chelsey’s office I was scared. I didn’t want to be there and felt backed into a corner. You see I honestly didn’t think therapy was going to work and although I was unsuccessfully trying to deal with my problems I felt I was managing it as best as I could. Chelsey made me feel relaxed and from our first to our last session I always felt safe talking to her, she really helped me to become the person I was always meant to be. She never rushed me if I found things difficult, she gave me the time I needed to calm myself. She helped me to close the door on my past and be able to look towards my future. I never felt like I was going to therapy, it felt like I was going to see a friend. My journey wasn’t always easy but Chelsey was with me every step of the way and some days when I didn’t feel strong she would remind me of how far I had come and gave me the courage to keep going. I went from someone not wanting to be there to not being able to wait for my next session. Chelsey is truly amazing and I cannot put into words how grateful and thankful I am to her for being there for me and helping me. I was sad to see our sessions end but Chelsey believed I was ready and I’ve come to learn that if she believes I can do it then she’s probably right. So if your on the fence or wondering if this is the right choice I urge you to do it, you may just surprise yourself and in my eyes you couldn’t of picked a better person to begin your journey with.” - Anonymous Female

"After doing a lot of soul searching I finally admitted to myself that I needed some help for my anger but I didn’t believe in therapy and all that kind of thing, eventually I plucked up the courage and rang Chelsey. From our first session feeling apprehensive and unsure if I was doing the right thing I was put at ease and reassured by Chelsey’s professional approach to understand my issues and helped me get through the bad times. Over the three months of therapy Chelsey spoke to me with confidence and helped me recognise gradually over each week how to replace my anger with coping mechanisms and ways to reduce my stress levels. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all the help and support she gave me and would strongly recommend Chelsey to anyone who finds themselves in need of support through therapy. Thank you so much Chelsey.” - Anonymous Male

"Chelsey and I worked with each other for 12 months. I was suffering from extreme anxiety, an anxiety that had been progressively getting worse my entire life. Chelsey listened without judgement, we began our journey and quickly formed a trust where I could be myself and speak openly. She provided practical tools to cope with my day to day stresses. Once we had corrected my daily challenges we delved deeper and found the root cause of my issues. We worked hard and overcame them together. If you're committed to getting better, if you are willing to put in the changes that Chelsey explores with you, you will overcome any issue. She’s that good!” - Anonymous Male

“I came to Chelsey around a time in my life in which I was lost and confused and dealing with the fallout of a relationship that changed my life. I felt like I needed support, and someone objective to speak to who could help me process the wide array of emotions I was feeling. For years I’ve not been the greatest at dealing with my feelings, but after a little over 8 months with Chelsey, I can happily say that phase of my life is behind me.Chelsey is compassionate, patient, and helps you open your mind to see from others perspectives. She challenged the stories I constantly told myself and helped to give me additional resources and targets to improve my life and get me back on track. Discussions went into all realms of my life and helped me link moments of my past that I had no idea would be connected.I now feel a lot more confident understanding and processing my own thoughts and emotions, and I have a much more solid understanding of my way forward. I’d highly recommend Chelsey to anyone who feels like they have things they need to work through.” - Anonymous Male

”I’ve had self-esteem/ confidence issues for most of my adult life. Even though I’d managed to get through some major life changes over the last couple of years ( parent passing away, separation, relocation to another part of the country and divorce) I was still struggling with confidence issues. It all came to a head when I was invited to a family party for one of my partners brothers. I was overthinking everything, would they like me?, would they think I was good enough etc. I decided I had to do something. I read quite a few profiles of Counsellors in my area and Chelsey came across as down to earth and offered an initial assessment session which was really helpful as I knew straightaway that I would feel comfortable talking to her. The sessions that followed were a real eye opener! Over the weeks we went right back to my earliest memories and found the trigger for my inner belief. It was a real surprise as it was an incident from my early school days that had stuck with me but I would never have made the connection on my own. Chelsey patiently worked through different ways to cope with my inner voice and doubts and gave me homework to do between sessions which made me think about things between our meetings, this really helped keep me focussed and on track. Over time my sessions with Chelsey reduced very gradually from weekly to fortnightly, to three weekly intervals and then once a month, but only if we both felt I was ready for a longer gap. I’ve learnt a lot about me, I don’t have to please everyone and I don’t have to feel guilty about that and I’m less self conscious too. I’ll always have my inner voice but I know how to recognise it and how to deal with it now. I would happily recommend Chelsey to anyone looking for a Counsellor, she’s helped and encouraged me so much and has a friendly down to earth approach. I’m going to miss our sessions but know I’m ready to go it alone now thanks to Chelsey." - Anonymous Female


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