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"the primary  purpose of supervision is to throw light on the therapeutic relationship" (Behr & Hearst)

I am a trained and experienced supervisor of several years.  My last job was as Director of Counselling of a charity in Cambridge where for nearly six years I ran supervision groups as well as supported formally and informally a team of about 50 counsellors. The group of counsellors were mixed, in terms of proficiency and experience,  some were working to comply with fulfilling their quota of hours for accreditation, others were in their final year of their diploma or degree and others were well qualified and highly experienced.  Most of the counsellors trained integratively and I am familiar with working within the main disciplines of psychodynamic; person centred and systemic theory.

I have also worked in a variety of settings within the charitable sector and developed my skills in supervision from supporting counsellors working with attachment issues, relationship problems, loss, depression, mental health and abuse.

During supervision, a supervisee (counsellor/therapist) can unpack and review material brought by their clients. The space is used to reflect upon the work being done and the meaning of the interactions between client and counsellor. I also encourage the supervisee to explore and examine the many ways the work impacts upon them and how it in turns affects our relationship. 

A significant aspect of my role as Supervisor is to encourage, support and mentor those who are either newly qualified to find their "voice" or to support experienced counsellors. Novice counsellors are usually steeped in the theory and conventions of their counselling course and whilst I see this as absolutely essential I like to support counsellors in gaining confidence in their own way of working that is creative and more authentic and moves away from the formulaic methods of Counselling. I also like to support the clinical practice of more experienced qualified counsellors with whom I work in a more collegiate and dynamic way.

I will encourage, draw upon a supervisee's existing experience and skills set to enhance and deepen their practice. 

This does not mean that a supervisee will be expected to have all the answers, being able to hold on to the unknown and unknowing is important. However, being able to articulate, muse upon and reflect is the work of supervision. As is the ability put into practice what has been learned. 

I enjoy supervising as I think there is much to be gained on both sides.  I like to think that my supervisory skills and experiences can be put to good use to support, deepen and challenge another's practice. Please note that my supervision work is directed solely towards newly qualified counsellors and also to clinicians who have an established practice and is not aimed at students.

If you think I can be of help please call or text me on 07780707122 to discuss it further. I charge £50 per hour.

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Experience as a supervisor.