About Me:

I have extensive experience working with supervisees at different stages of their professional development.  I supervise trainees on placement at 'The UK Counselling Network' as well has having a full time private practice. 
Because of my experience as a Transactional Analysis trainer I am used to working with trainees who are preparing for their clinical exams (Diploma and CTA). 
I also work nationally and internationally with professionals who have years of experience in their fields.
My expertise includes working with teachers,  managers and care workers as well as counsellors and psychotherapists.

I run regular supervision groups as well as working in long term relationships with individuals.
What is a supervisor?
Ethical advisor?
I see my role as having many faces, many arms and feet of clay. By this I mean that supervision is a relationship that changes based on your needs. At times we explore, at times I may assist you to define clear boundaries.
At times I will hold a meta-perspective, at times share my expertise.
If there is an ethical issue that you are struggling with, we can untangle it together and find out what boundaries or contracts have been missed. I hold the complex safe guarding issues with you by looking through the options and guidance and finding a path forwards that will keep everyone safe.
At other times I may become a  ‘participant’ within the ‘field’ that you and your client have 'created' with me. This means possibly entering into and noticing the transferences that arise and exploring the meaning of this in relationship to your client work.

What is our relationship?
My philosophy in supervision is Relational and Co-creative. By this I mean that any focus in supervision accounts the supervisee, myself as supervisor as well as client in understanding the process. Any of these dynamics may be the focus for supervision, with the main aim being the development of your work. 
I seek to create a safe and non-judgemental space with you to unpack your experience with your clients. I also enjoy celebrating successes and finding out how to move things along when they get difficult or stuck.

How do I work?
As with my psychotherapy and training I follow the needs and personal language of the supervisee/s. I want to empower and encourage growth and curiosity. I use a variety of methods to explore supervisory issues such as sand tray, two chair work, metaphors and felt/body experiences.

Your questions might be answered in any of these six areas:
 Contracting - What do you want and what does your client want?
 Diagnosis and Treatment planning - What's going on and where are you going with it?
 Strategies and Intervention techniques - How are you doing it? Is there anything else you need to be thinking about?
 Parallel Process - What might be going on with your client that impacts our relationship? What can we learn from this that is 
 relevant to your client?
 Reflection on the Transference and Countertransference - What's going on underneath? How is this being played out?
 Ethics Safe - guarding and Professional practice - Is there anything important that needs attending to?

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Older adults

Type of session

In person supervision
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About Me: I have extensive experience working with supervisees at different stages of their professional development.