Understanding and treating addictions online course

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Why take this course?

Joe Griffin’s science-based insights into what is happening in our brains when we become addicted have proved a major leap forward in not only our understanding of the addictive process but the successful treatment of a wide range of addictions, including:

  • alcohol and drug addictions
  • eating disorders
  • gambling addiction
  • shopping addictions
  • substance abuse
  • computer gaming and TV addictions
  • sexual obsessions
  • and other compulsive behaviours…

As a result, thousands of addicts have already been helped to overcome their particular addiction.

As well as exploring these profoundly helpful insights and their relevance to successful treatment, this course gives you an essential overview of a wide variety of addictive behaviours, including what they have in common, why we are all vulnerable to addiction, and what the genuine causes and drivers of addictive behaviours are.

It also explains the most successful ways to rapidly break addictive patterns and how to prevent, or at least minimise, relapses, using psychotherapy informed by these latest neuroscientific findings.

So — whether it’s for professional or personal reasons — taking this online course on overcoming addictions could prove invaluable to you.

  • Tutor: Joe Griffin
  • CPD Certificate: 6 hours
  • Price includes course notes and lifetime access
  • Special offer price! 


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