Supporting survivors of sexual & domestic violence

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1st June 2024, 10.00am - 12.00pm
Counsellors and trainees
£40.00 plus booking fee

Supporting Survivors of Sexual & Domestic Violence: A Relational Approach, presented by Erene Hadjiioannou.

The traumatic impact of sexual and domestic violence forcibly changes a person’s experience of their mind, body, relationships, and the wider world. Feeling unsafe, out of control, and variations of blame/shame/guilt are therefore common amongst survivors.

As such, therapeutic approaches solely focused on alleviating post-trauma symptoms are insufficient. Psychotherapists must also offer a relationship based on safety and empowerment, to support clients in re-establishing a sense of self that can co-exist amongst others in the world.

This kind of relationship is especially important when supporting survivors with intersectional identities. Such persons may have survived multiple systemic traumas alongside sexual and domestic violence.

The webinar aims to offer a psychodynamic, trauma-informed, and embodied framework to support survivors of any gender more effectively. We will consider:

  • Establishing safety and trust in the therapeutic relationship
  • Beginning to unlearn internalised myths about sexual and domestic violence
  • Transference, countertransference, and projection
  • The principles of empowerment (freedom of speech, autonomy, and movement).

About the speakers

Erene (she/her) is an Integrative Psychotherapist with specialist skills in working with the traumatic impact of sexual and domestic abuse with adults of any gender. Erene is also a writer, speaker, trainer, and activist. Since 2019 Erene has been part of an independent steering group that has lobbied to change the Crown Prosecution Service guidelines on pre-trial therapy.

Erene’s latest publications include: ‘Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence in Psychotherapy: Inside & Outside the Room’ (Routledge) and ‘Queer Minds, Queer Needs’ (with Dr Saadi, in the European Journal of Counselling & Psychotherapy). A full list of working experience, speaking engagements, and publications is available here:

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Note to attendees

The content in this webinar is prepared for information purposes only. The webinar is not designed as a treatment for individuals experiencing a mental health condition. Nothing in this webinar should be viewed as a substitute for professional advice (including without limitation medical advice).

When asking questions during the webinar that may include clinical references, please make sure that client confidentiality is maintained at all times.

For any queries, please don't hesitate to email us at

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