Psychodynamic skills seminar 2021

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EPIC Psychodynamic skills seminars online 2021 

EPIC is The Experiential Psychotherapy Initiative Community.  

More information and tickets. All seminars are by Zoom.

Our seminars are popular with counsellors,  psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, nurses, health care workers and project workers. The seminars will also be useful for teachers and clergy or others who wish to deepen their understanding of working with individuals and groups.

Our seminar leaders have typically taught on expensive psychotherapy trainings that have become out of reach for most front line staff, who themselves can benefit from the insights and support that dynamic approaches offer. The EPIC venture seeks to address this by offering an affordable and flexible way of learning.

Whether new to psychodynamic ways of working or experienced in the field of psychotherapy, these seminars are aimed at supporting and stimulating ways of understanding healthcare and the field of therapy and therapeutic community. There is a particular emphasis on helping staff develop group work skills.

We have eight sessions per year with meetings on the last Saturday of each month. Our meetings are organised as follows:

  • 9-9:30 Coffee
  • 9:30 - 11:00 Experiential seminar 
  • 11:00 - 11:30 Break
  • 11:30 - 13:00 Experiential group

Each session costs £40.

Initially, we will meet online via Zoom but we predict moving to Dartford Science and Technology School, towards the middle or end of the year.

You can book all the sessions together or on an ad-hoc basis through Ticket Tailor

Seminar Series 2021

Convenor for the series: Marcus Price UKCP psychotherapist and EPIC organiser.

Experiential group conductor for the series: Mike Tait, UKCP drama therapist and group analyst.

January 30th: Helping front line staff through the ideas of DW Winnicott: Mike Tait UKCP drama therapist and group analyst.

February 27th: Intimate space in psychotherapy: Bob Harris, group analyst, teacher and author.

March 27th: Service users and psychotherapy, a personal journey: Kelli Rush EPIC graduate and NHS lived experience practitioner.

April 24th: Poetic appropriation and the use of language in psychotherapy: UKCP group analyst Angelika Goltz

January 30th: The Jungian shadow: Inthia Stacey BAPS analytic psychotherapist and member of the SAP.

June 26th: Music and developmental experience: Kate Heath, musician, teacher and music therapist.

September 26th: Negotiating extreme feelings in groups: Teresa von Sommaruga Howard, architect, systemic therapist and group analyst specialising in larger groups.

November 28th: Learning from the pioneers of group analysis: Kevin Power, UKCP group analyst.

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Hosted by Marcus Price

The Experiential Psychotherapy Initiative (EPI) is a cooperative of psychotherapy trainers who aim to make the practice of psychodynamic ideas affordable and available to a wider audience.