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Polyvagal Skills and Supervision Group with world-renowned Polyvagal Theory in Therapy expert, Deb Dana - starts 28th September 2021.

You’ve likely heard about Polyvagal Theory and its unique ability to help clients tap into their nervous systems to find their way out of distress, to feeling calm and connected again.
Ever since Stephen Porges introduced this neurobiological insight to our field, it’s been transforming treatment throughout the world.
What we need is a safe space to exchange transformative insights into the relational dynamics at play with our clients – along with a skilled support team that can help untangle unconscious processes and complex emotional enactments.
Now you have the unique opportunity to experience Polyvagal Theory like never before, through Deb Dana’s intimate and very limited, six-month Skills and Supervision Programme!
Deb Dana is one of the first clinicians to create a system for using Polyvagal Theory in therapy. And now you can get personal supervision directly from her, to boost your confidence with even the most complex cases.
You’ll join a small cohort of your colleagues from around the world for monthly Polyvagal-informed skills CPD and face-to-face supervision sessions, where you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop a healing map from your client’s nervous system, to build the foundation for therapeutic success and prevent sessions from getting stuck.
  • Leverage the therapeutic relationship as a regulating presence and a source of safety.
  • Offer clients resources to use in their day-to-day lives to access safety and regulation, even the most distressing moments.
  • And much more!

Plus, you’ll get lifetime access to the skills CPD recordings, so you can review the material whenever you need it.
Normally, an opportunity like this would take years of waiting to be selected, but you get the first opportunity to be part of this very limited cohort of 56 participants.
Early bird registration is now available, for a limited time only!

For more information and to register, please visit catalog.pesi.co.uk.

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