Peel reflective supervision groups

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Counsellors and trainees
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Reflective supervision is focused on experiences, thoughts and feelings directly connected to the type of work we do in helping roles and the human relationships we cultivate within those working environments. Research shows that as a result of working in emotive environments, practitioners are inevitably susceptible to two of the most common syndromes of secondary traumatic stress, work related stress; known as, burnout and compassion fatigue. If ignored these syndromes leave us feeling helpless and hopeless. We begin to question our ability and efficacy in our roles and our relationships suffer. We begin to feel physically ill and mentally exhausted.

Peel reflective supervision groups (PRSG’s), facilitated by Nicole Addis, is a successful model currently being rolled out in NHS settings, therapeutic communities, industry and small business. They provide a supportive, confidential space for reflection, psycho-education, discussion and guidance. Experiences are shared, explored and new coping strategies are developed. Group members report ‘an empathetic, non judgmental environment’ from which professional and personal awareness grows, deepening clinical insight and individual resilience from work related stress.

PRSG’s include:

  • Transactional analysis; a theory of personality.
  • Psycho-education; burnout and compassion fatigue.
  • Reflective practice.
  • Personal awareness.
  • Theoretical discussion.
  • Coping strategies.
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Hosted by Nicole Addis

For more details on joining or forming a group please contact: Nicole Addis DTC. DiP. MSc. Int. Psych Peel Psychological Consultancy Trainer/supervisor UKCP Reg. Psychotherapist Tel: 07711689951 Email: