Online trauma group: Sometimes, trauma…

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Open to all
£45 - £65 per group (some concessions available)

This new group has been designed for those who are recovering from various traumas. It may be complex childhood trauma (neglect, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, attachment issues), or difficult recent traumas – or a combination of both.

Trauma is both diagnosable and treatable and need not be a life sentence. Using an established treatment model (Herman, 1992) these term-time groups will look at initially calming the nervous system and help clients gain a feeling of control.

The group will include:

Together, we will work using a combination of:

  • Psychoeducation on trauma - changes it makes in the brain.
  • Coping strategies and building a “trauma toolkit”.
  • Mindfulness to bring you into the “here and now” and safety.
  • Looking at triggers, distressed parts, and functioning ones.

Throughout sessions, we will incorporate aspects of cognitive processing therapy (CPT), emotional freedom technique, some aspects of imagery rescripting and the structural dissociation (Parts) model.

When will the event take place?

The group will take place on Zoom, 6.45-8.45 pm on Mondays (provisionally beginning Monday 20th November).

*This group will take place weekly on Monday evenings, during term time only. 

Numbers will be low – optimally 5 with a maximum of 7. There will be a “check in” and open group discussion.

Each group will focus on a specific aspect of trauma recovery.

Workshops will also allow you access to “Sometimes, trauma…” content, including video tutorials, psychoeducation and a poetry archive.

For more information and to book your place, please contact me

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Hosted by Hannah Duncan

I have been in practice for 20 years and over the past 6 have specialised in working with those with CPTSD/PTSD. I previously ran groups for 10 years those recovering from alcohol/substance "addiction", as well as running "Reflective Practice" groups for employees within a large agency in Bristol for 9 years. I have been a supervisor for 15 years.