Men's therapy group

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Open to all
Norwich and Great Yarmouth, NR3 4AG

With the growing concern for men's mental health I am setting up an open and unstructured therapy space to explore these difficulties.

20 years ago I struggled with my mental health and found it nearly impossible to find any help. Eventually I went to therapy and started a journey into self-development; I think men can support one another in this type of setting.

This space will be without judgment and will enable you to explore and define yourself as a man and talk through the pain in a safe and emphatic environment.

If you feel this sounds like something you would like to do then email me:

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Hosted by Jamie Geary

I have a qualification in counselling and am an accredited member of the BACP. I engage in my own self development everyday as means to keep myself psychologically well. I am a believer of the open and unstructured space to bring about change in the individual participants and I am experienced at facilitating these spaces.