Men's tales

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Open to all
Fee £30/£20/£10 per session, pay what you can
58 Crouch Hill, London, Greater London, N4 4AH

Tuesdays 6:30pm to 9pm, weekly

A group for exploring male and masculine experience, identity, and relationships - for everyone who is called to be part of this exploration.

This is a weekly group that will explore together the lived experience of maleness in all its difference and diversity - across race, class, LGBTQIA2S+, religion, and heritage - assuming nothing we will trust ourselves to share conversation, remembering stories, re-discovering, recreating, re-imagining who we are and what we wish to become more fully.

Our task will be to be responsible for ourselves more and more deeply through growing trust and accountability to each other. This creates a living, breathing authority through doing the work of knowing oneself. We live with women, all genders, youths and children and I believe we become more reliable and trustworthy to everyone when we are capable of being more fully responsible for ourselves in any relationship.

Each month we will dive deeply into a theme of a type of relationship, for example: sons, fathers, brothers, friends, lovers, nature/wildness.

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Hosted by Tim Frost

Tim Frost (he/him) a psychotherapist and group facilitator, with 11 years of experience of working with individuals and 22 years of facilitating groups and workshops. Including intimacy workshops for Loving Men, teaching meditation, facilitating groups for drug and alcohol addiction recovery, offering workshops on story and myth.