In-person event: Polyvagal theory in action with Deb Dana

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28th - 29th May 2024, 8.45am - 5.00pm
Counsellors and trainees
Offer price £249
DoubleTree by Hilton London Kensington, 100 Cromwell Road, London, London, SW7 4ER

Join world-renowned polyvagal theory expert Deb Dana, LCSW, in-person or online for a two day workshop and become a polyvagal-informed practitioner!

Plus, you'll get unlimited access to the post-workshop recording and earn up to 12 CPD hours.

About the event

The aftermath of trauma leaves clients feeling chronically in danger and unsafe inside their own bodies. Their nervous systems are constantly bombarded by alarm signals, making it impossible for them to relax or connect with others. It’s alienating... and it’s exhausting.

With concepts such as “glimmers” and “triggers” entering the public lexicon, now more than ever your clients are seeking guidance on how they can work with their nervous system to experience the states of calm, safety and connection they’re so desperately seeking.

Polyvagal theory is the practice-proven, neuroscience-based roadmap that gives you the keys you need to help your clients befriend their nervous system. Now you can become a Polyvagal-Informed practitioner when you join world-renowned polyvagal theory in practice expert, author and trainer Deb Dana, LCSW, in-person or online!

Whether you’re new to polyvagal theory or have some familiarity with its techniques, this in-person and online workshop will equip you with practical guidance for use with your clients, including experiential exercises which will reveal to you the deeper nuances of different autonomic states.

Deb will demonstrate how to use her practice-proven polyvagal-Informed approach by itself to bring clients to autonomic regulation, or how it can be combined with any other modalities you’re using to boost their effectiveness.

Plus, whether you’re joining us in person or online, you’ll have the opportunity to ask Deb your clinical queries throughout!

What you will lgain

You’ll walk away from this in-depth, comprehensive polyvagal theory workshop with:

  • The neuroscience-based roadmap to working with your client's nervous system and step-by-step practical guidance on how to bring them to states of safety and connection.
  • An all-encompassing process for using Polyvagal Theory from assessment to treatment, including solutions to common issues you may encounter.
  • Practice-proven methods and techniques which can be reliably used to bring your clients to regulation, giving them long-term tools they can use to befriend their nervous system.
  • Deep understanding of the theoretical framework behind Polyvagal Theory translated to easily understandable language so its concepts can be understood by and empower your clients in a non-pathologizing manner.
  • A modality that can be used by itself or combined with others including IFS therapy, CBT, DBT and more to enhance your treatment outcomes.
  • And so much more! (See below for full workshop outline).

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