How to reduce suicide risk: The practical steps you need to know

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1st October 2024, 9.15am - 4.00pm
Open to all

This compassionate, life-saving workshop shows you how to assess risk and work successfully with anyone thinking about or planning suicide, or who has survived a previous attempt. 

Anyone working with distressed people wants to keep them safe, to give them the hope they need that circumstances can change for the better, and to provide the skills for coping until that comes about. The human givens approach, by working with the givens of human nature, offers the most powerful and organic way to achieve this.

About the workshop

Date: Tuesday 1st October 2024  (9:15am-4pm BST).

  • Accredited CPD certificate: 6 hours.
  • Special offer price: £125 per person.
  • Includes course notes and recording.

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Hosted by Human Givens College

Accredited CPD Training: Human Givens College has been providing training in the best ways to treat mental health and behavioural problems for over 20 years. Our clear, practical mental health training and our psychotherapy diploma give you the key information and skills you need to help people overcome their difficulties as quickly as possible.

Hosted by Human Givens College