Group therapy

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£50 per 2 hour session

Laura and Marc are offering group therapy at a variety of times in the week for groups of up to eight people to support the exploration of what it means to be in a group. 

Sometimes a group can help bring elements of your personality to the surface which may not always be evident in individual therapy.

There is a belief that every time we join a group we have our family dynamic triggered. We will be helping you to consider what this might mean for you and to help you reframe messages from your past.

Some areas of exploration might be childhood concerns, being a parent, gender, sexuality, life. There is no limit to the areas of discussion that can evolve in groups.

Marc and Laura believe that groups work best when they evolve naturally with the support of our experience as therapists to ensure that we keep in mind all participants' safety and ability to take risks at all times.

Please let us know if you would like to book a consultation.    

07814 296677

If you are anxious and interested, please text me 'GROUP THERAPY' and we will text you back to arrange a time for a short online discussion.

Group options:

  • men's group
  • women's group
  • mixed group
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Hosted by Laura Joanknecht

Laura Joanknecht and Marc Bevan are experienced tutors and therapists who have been working since the 90s as therapists, supervisors and trainers. They are coming together to offer this group therapy as a new venture to help people who want to gain confidence speaking to others in a safe setting.

Hosted by Laura Joanknecht