Good practice: Ethics for the caring professions

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Essential knowledge – for counsellors, psychotherapists and anyone else working with distressed people...

Why this course is needed

We live in a world that, despite technological progress, seems to have lost its moral compass. It should go without saying that all therapists should act ethically with their patients, but some don’t. The consequences of this can prove distressing and even damaging for the client involved, and, for the practitioner, can mean anything from public censure, suspension from practice, or full-scale striking off.

So, in addition to following guidelines and a code of practice, therapists need to develop a sound inner intuition of what the right thing to do is in any particular circumstance. However, developing this intuition requires us to escape from our mental pigeon-holes so that we can develop richer patterns of thought, through consideration of a wide range of potential pitfalls and ethical dilemmas, to draw upon and return to throughout our professional lives.

What's included

  • CPD Certificate included - 6 hours.
  • Online course with instant access.
  • Price includes course notes and life-long access.
  • Counts towards Part 1 of the HG Diploma.
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