Free workshop: Polyvagal essentials for every therapist -Deb Dana

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21st - 22nd September 2022, 2.00pm - 5.15pm
Counsellors and trainees

Your clients, now more than ever, may be living in states of alarm, unease and heightened anxiety.

From life-altering traumas to persistent feelings of dread - they may feel constantly under threat...

…leading to panic, despair and disconnection from others.

But there is a way you can help clients take back control of their lives to find their way out of distress and into safety and connection - through the unique power of Polyvagal Theory... the profound modality that will bring clients back in touch with the immense healing capacity of their nervous system.

That’s why we’re providing this free one-day Polyvagal Theory workshop (delivered over two days) led by world-renowned Polyvagal Theory in Therapy expert, author and master clinician Deb Dana, LCSW!

When you attend this free workshop, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to help your clients effectively navigate their nervous system, live through connection rather than fear, and gain autonomy over their own bodies...

…so you can show them how their nervous system can be their friend instead of their foe... and guide them toward calm, social engagement and deep healing.

Don’t wait to discover how Poylvagal Theory can maximise the effectiveness of your therapeutic approach and change your client’s lives for the better!

Find out more and sign up for free here.

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