Free 8-week mindfulness-based stress reduction course

21st April - 9th June 2024, 10.00am - 12.00pm
Open to all

Online mindfulness-based stress reduction course starting 21st April. Sunday's from 10am - 12pm. Weekly sessions on Microsoft Teams.

What to expect

MBSR is a course embraced worldwide. Scientifically validated, the course will guide you through the nuances of stress, depression, and anxiety, fostering a path toward coping and healing. You will expect guided meditations, group discussions, and inquiry-based on stressful experiences. As you delve into home assignments, you'll discover not just the essential principles of mindfulness but also about how to apply the attitudinal foundations of mindfulness to your daily life.

Discover a transformative online experience that brings the tools to gently ease stress and anxiety right to your home. This will be taking place from 21st April - June 9th weekly every Sunday for eight weeks.

Crafted with care and rooted in the gold standard of mindfulness training by Jon Kabat-Zinn, the mindfulness-based stress reduction course will provide you with the essential tools to manage stress, anxiety, and pain, offering a soothing path to wellness from the comfort of your own space. Join me as we embark on this journey together.

What is mindfulness?

Embracing mindfulness is like cultivating a gentle connection with every aspect of your life, moving away from autopilot mode. In the practice, you open yourself to fully savour moments of joy and connection, discovering fresh perspectives in how you navigate through the inevitable challenges of illness, pain, and stress that weave into life's tapestry. It is an invitation to be present, to breathe into each moment with a warmth that allows for deeper understanding and acceptance.


You will learn how to come out of auto-pilot, stop living in your head, and come back into the body. This, in turn, allows you to use your inner resources to develop more resilience, and coping strategies, and to add an element of calm into your life. Physiologically, you may find a gentle lowering of blood pressure, improved sleep, and a reduction in chronic pain and inflammation as a result of mindfulness.

On a tender psychological level, a sense of calmness may guide you towards fewer cravings for unhealthy foods and habits. The benefits of mindfulness may extend to more empathy in your interactions and gaining a higher level of tolerance, both towards yourself and those around you.

Is it for me?

Beginners are especially welcome. All that is asked is that you bring an open mind, ready to embrace this journey. While rooted in evidence-based practices and offering tools that nurture mental and physical well-being, it is essential to note that this course is not therapy, counselling, or clinical intervention. This is a supportive space for you to explore and cultivate mindfulness in a way that resonates uniquely with you.

The course involves meditative practice, both static and in movement, an understanding of the theory and practicalities behind the practice, as well as an overview of the scientific evidence that supports it. You will be expected to practice the skills learned at home and keep a record of your experience (this can be audio, written, or even drawn). Audio and video recordings will be provided for home practice, as well as templates for logging practice.

Costs and next steps

To express your interest in the course, please contact me at:

You can also contact me via 07396825309

This course forms part of Nimah's training as a mindfulness practitioner. Nimah will be supervised and assessed on her delivery of the course. A paid eight-week MBSR course typically costs between £200 - £350, so Nimah feels very happy to be able to support people with a free course.

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Hosted by Nimah Begum

Nimah is a qualified counsellor providing solution-focused brief counselling to employees at their Employee Assistance Programme. Nimah is a Training Mindfulness practitioner, training with Mind in Salford. Nimah is delivering this as part of her course and deeply cherishes the opportunity to share mindfulness with different people.