Foundation course in integrative psychotherapy

Counsellors and trainees
£3,500 for the 9-month course
Inner Citadel Institute, Oxford, OX44 9EW

Are you interested in learning about psychotherapy? This nine-month in-person course at the Inner Citadel Institute in Oxford provides an experiential introduction to the theory, skills and practice of integrative psychotherapy, in a supportive and inclusive relational learning environment.

You will be introduced to the origins of psychotherapy, its core concepts, and values. We will draw on a broad range of theory and research but primarily focus on relational psychoanalysis, humanistic and cognitive approaches. The course will also include skills observation and skills practice, as well as opportunities for in-depth relational exploration.

This is an open-access course for anyone interested in an experiential exploration of the theory and practice of psychotherapy, including:

  • People who are curious about training as a counsellor or psychotherapist, or in related professions, seeking foundational knowledge and skills.
  • People who are simply interested in using therapeutic knowledge for self-exploration and contemplation.
  • People with a humanistic sensibility, who enjoy poetry, literature, art and music as forms of self-expression.
  • People seeking diverse, equitable, and inclusive educational opportunities.
  • People who have busy schedules and are looking for a part-time, flexible learning experience.

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Hosted by Letticia Banton

The Inner Citadel Institute is a psychology and psychotherapy centre based in Oxford. Our mission is to offer evidence-based therapies to people interested in exploring their lived experience in depth.

Hosted by Letticia Banton