Family constellations workshop

17th May 2024, 7.00pm - 9.00pm
Open to all
Early bird offer until 4th April, issue holder: £110 representative: £40; £140 and £50 thereafter
Unit 9, Taylors Yard, 170 Brick Lane, London, Greater London, E1 6RU

Family constellations – also known as systemic constellations or just constellations – offer a powerful new understanding of challenges and how to transform them. People often come to a constellations workshop because they feel stuck, constricted or limited by a particular issue in their personal or professional life.

What is constellations work?

Constellations work is an experiential process, allowing individuals to move from their current problem to the root of the issue, which often leads to unresolved issues in a prior generation.

Our wider family, the experience of our parents, grandparents and ancestors form a tapestry of relationships across time, shaping our patterns, possibilities, and limitations. Unconsciously loyal to these dynamics, we often operate in blind spots until we bring them to light and integrate them. 

Through constellations work, we map and tune into the wider family system, uncovering hidden dynamics influencing our lives. Seeing these systemic influences can result in big shifts and empower us to effect meaningful change.

About workshops

Family constellations workshops offer a unique, solution-focused way for individuals who want to look beneath the surface 'truth' of an issue or problem and find new and often deeply moving solutions.

In a small, safe and supportive setting, ‘issue holders’ are invited to set up their own constellation, using members of the group to represent the relevant people and events of the issue they are working on. The ‘representatives’ will give insights through which a 'living map' is created and eventually a clearer picture of the issue emerges. Simple but hidden truths can be seen and understood.

A constellation workshop is inherently impactful, and it also serves as a highly supportive and complementary addition when combined with other ongoing psychotherapeutic, spiritual, or personal development work. Its unique ability to address underlying patterns and hidden dynamics, not easily accessible through traditional therapeutic methods, can serve as a catalyst for breakthroughs. In fact, many practitioners recommend a constellations workshop as the next step in a therapeutic journey.

There is a limited number of ‘issue holder’ places, however, whether setting up your own constellation or stepping into the role of a ‘representative’, a constellation workshop is a unique and healing experience for all participants.

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Hosted by The Therapeutic Rooms

Sara Poss is a qualified Constellations therapist and facilitator with over a decade of experience in the field of coaching and therapy. Sara runs Constellations workshops from The Therapeutic Rooms in Brick Lane, and also sees clients for one to one sessions in North London. To find out more, please check out our website.

Hosted by The Therapeutic Rooms