Estrangement group counselling

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8th May - 24th July 2024, 6.30pm - 8.15pm
Open to all
£10 per session

Group counselling for adults who have chosen to be estranged from their family of origin.

  • Have you chosen to be estranged from your family or a family member?
  • Has your decision left you with grief, a sense of loss, loneliness, anger, guilt, or confusion but you still feel it was the right decision for you?
  • Do you experience some social exclusion for being estranged from your family of origin?

This 12-week counselling series will explore your experience, supporting you in uncovering and working through challenging aspects of estrangement.

​Exploring your thoughts and feelings in a confidential small-group setting (up to 4 participants), you will be guided to unpack thoughts and feelings, grieve for your loss, and improve your understanding of your family dynamics that can help you move through your life with self-compassion.

  • When: Wednesday evenings weekly, starting 8 May 2024 until 24 July 2024. 
  • Time: Sessions begin at 6.30 pm and end at 8.10 pm.
  • Where: Online via Zoom.
  • Price: £10 per session.
  • Who: For Adults aged 18 or over. Please note that this is a space for individual reflection, and is not intended for couples/families to attend together.
  • ​To book: Email

About the facilitator

Michelle Lilley is a qualified counsellor, registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, and in advanced training as a psychotherapist. Working in private practice in West London, and the charity sector.

As the facilitator, I emphasise attending to boundaries and exchanges in the group, to hold all participants safely and make the most of opportunities to learn from each other. I respect everyone's autonomy to choose how much they feel ready and willing to share.   

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Hosted by Michelle Lilley