Dream relationships - deepening appreciation in your relationship

07931 721 637 07931 721 637
Ongoing, 7.45pm - 10.00pm
Open to all
£75 per couple
Prestwich Holistic Centre, 2b Mather Avenue, Prestwich, Manchester, Lancashire, M25 0LA

The appreciative and grateful couple - deepening appreciation in your relationship.

Noticing and appreciating the good in others enhances the connection between you and creates a healthy relationship space.

Putting your appreciations of your spouse or partner into words can transform your relationship and literally save your marriage or relationship.

The workshop is guaranteed to;

  • get you appreciated by your partner 
  • increase your appreciation for your partner
  • learn to appreciate yourself and see yourself through self-compassionate eyes
  • find ways to make appreciations an ongoing relationship ritual

This workshop is part of a new series of ongoing monthly events that teach insights and tools as part of Imago relationship therapy.

To register for the workshop, please contact me on 07931 721 637, or email gary@cbttherapymanchester.co.uk.
Next relationship-enhancing workshop - The Attuned and Mindful Couple (deepening the power of presence in your relationship) - on Sunday 24th November (7.45pm until 10pm).

For more information, see the following link - https://mailchi.mp/775dcc575104/the-power-of-appreciations

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Hosted by Prestwich Holistic & Well being Centre

Gary is a qualified and certified Imago relationship therapist who has been working with couples for many years helping them find better ways to connect and restore understanding, compassion and joy in their relationship.

Hosted by Prestwich Holistic & Well being Centre