Domestic abuse and eating disorders

5th June 2024, 10.00am - 12.00pm
Counsellors and trainees

Join us for a two-hour intensive course on domestic abuse and eating disorders. This critical session aims to provide a deep dive into the intersectionality of domestic abuse and eating disorders, a topic of paramount importance in both clinical and social work settings.

About the workshop

In this workshop, we’ll explore the links between abusive relationships and disordered eating, eating distress, eating disorders and body shame.

For many people affected by abusive relationships, disordered eating may be a way of coping, but perpetrators may also use food, weight and body shame to control.

Mel works in both domestic abuse and eating disorders services, and has been exploring the many links and nuances between disordered eating and domestic abuse, as well as body image, body shaming and weight stigma. Mel works with perpetrators of abuse, so this workshop will explore links with disordered eating for both victims/survivors of domestic abuse and perpetrators, as well as children and young people growing up around abuse.

No prior knowledge is needed of domestic abuse or disordered eating as this will be an introduction to learning about both and ways they intersect.

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Hosted by Mel Ciavucco

Mel Ciavucco is an Integrative Counsellor, writer, trainer & group facilitator. Mel’s passions and experiences lie in disordered eating and body image, having worked for ED charities for 6+ years, but also in her group and 1-1 work with perpetrators of domestic abuse.