Critical incident debriefing: Two-day training

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28th - 29th April 2024, 9.00am - 2.00pm
Open to all

A one-day specialist training for care practitioners who want to become critical incident debriefers.

The adverse psychological impact of critical incidents in the workplace can lead to reduced efficiency, motivation, and morale, as well as unsafe practice. Those working with vulnerable people in healthcare and social care settings, are often exposed to critical incidents but have no access to debriefings.

Critical incident debriefings are intensive and highly effective interventions, and skilled CID facilitators are a rare but valuable asset to many public and private organisations.

Attending this training will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to conduct productive and competent CIDs in your organisation or as a private service. The training incorporates experiential sessions to practice and consolidate learning.

Aim: To gain skills, confidence, and practice in facilitating critical incident debriefings (CIDs). 


  • to clarify the nature and purpose of CIDs
  • to review and practice existing models of CID
  • to understand the role and tasks of the CID facilitator
  • to learn and practice the skills of facilitating CIDs
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Hosted by Shiri Spector

The workshop is facilitated by Dr Shiri Spector, BACP accredited, director of Psychotherapy For Healthcare. For more details and to book a place please visit