Couples work: Through the lens of The Penny Model

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18th May 2022, 7.00pm - 9.00pm
Counsellors and trainees

I believe that couples/family work is to support two or more people in being able to be heard and understood. Not being heard or understood results in rupture and conflict.  
Therapy is to support people in speaking the unspoken/unspeakable, expressing the unexpressed/unexpressible. Sharing and developing more intimacy (IN-TO-ME-SEE). Ultimately working with and through a fear, which will be linked or fuelled by a historical trauma (limiting belief), hidden, denied forgotten or suppressed.   
This session and these tools can resolve difference and rupture by owning and sharing the core emotion of sadness (which is where grief, addictions, depression, and love live). Via the exploration and ownership of ones other emotions.

Tickets are just £10 with limited spaces. So book early and let your peers know it's happening.

For more information, visit Eventbrite, and do follow me for future updates. 

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Hosted by Stefan Charidge

I have been in full-time private practice for over 20 years and delivered trainings on various topics including Anger Management, Gestalt, Architypes and Psychodrama. I am an accredited psychotherapist, counselling supervisor. Do follow for updates via:https:


Hosted by Stefan Charidge

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