Couple therapy training- a Gestalt approach - Dr Vibeke

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4th October - 2nd December 2024, 10.00am - 5.00pm
Counsellors and trainees
£1500 (early bird discount £1400 before 1st July 2024)
Therapy Space East, 2 Blackall Street, London, Greater London, EC2A 4AD

Module 1 - October 4-6 2024
Introducing the relational process model

Couple therapy is the most complex and vulnerable of the therapeutic situations due to the presence of the significant other. In the first module, we work with the therapeutic relationship: What it demands in couple therapy and how it is different from individual therapy. From the beginning, the training is highly experiential and practice-near, combining theory with therapeutic explorations.

Module 2 - November 1-3 2024
A Gestalt integrative model:

Building on the first model this module is the Gestalt Integrative Model of Phenomenological Domains (GIMod). The GIMod is created to support therapists in finding figures and grade interventions in the complexity of a couple therapy situation and is inspired by the developmental domains by Daniel Stern. Again, taking a practise-near approach and reflexive and reflective practise on theory in light of experiential practice in smaller groups.

Module 3/4 combined (4 Days) - November 29-December 2nd 2024
Module 3 - Working with couples with trauma in the field of the relationship

In the last two decades, relational (developmental) trauma has been increasingly acknowledged and implemented in trauma theory. Vibeke’s research project has been specifically created to include what she found missing in couple’s therapy - a humanistic, holistic and relational perspective to suffering in traumatised fields. Development Somatic Psychotherapy (DSP) by Ruella Frank is introduced and implemented throughout. We will practice couple therapy and do practical session intervention training with space for reflection and sharing of theory and process.

Module 4 - Intimacy and autonomy

Our work as therapists is to bring the clients to the “id of the situation” (Robin, 2016), meaning in practice, direct spontaneous contact in the relational field of the clients. We explore the resources of the therapist and how to support the clients in a new more dynamic way of relating - supporting the contracting process of being together (confluence) and differentiation (withdrawal). We dive deeper into the potential in DSP, sexuality and presence. We also look at implementing the GIMod to support a working hypothesis while working with the couple.

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Hosted by Sandra Tapie

Trainer - Dr Vibeke Visnes - Vibeke developed this model of Gestalt Couple training through her PHD training at Metanoia Institute London. She supervises therapists and teaches at the Norwegian Gestalt Institute training program for Gestalt therapy. In her doctoral research she created the relational process method (RPM).