CounselPath - roadmap to becoming a counsellor

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Counsellors and trainees
£400 - £600/person. Discounts are available for larger groups/organisations

CounselPath is a tailored course for those interested in a career in counselling or psychotherapy but who are not sure where to start. It is your key to understanding the world of counselling and psychotherapy and whether a career in this field is the right choice for you.

This course aims to deliver key insights into the main therapeutic approaches and essential concepts in a digestible format. By summarising the vast landscape of counselling and psychotherapy in a tailored approach, CounselPath delivers distilled wisdom without wasting your precious time.  

  • New start dates: mid-January and mid-February. 
  • This course will be delivered online, on a one-to-one basis or in small groups of two students.
  • The course will take place online, over a period of 11 weeks and there will be one session per week - the exact day of the week will be agreed upon with the participants. 
  • No prior qualification is required. 
  • This course is not accredited and it has the sole purpose of offering a consultative approach for people interested in exploring a career in counselling and psychotherapy. There is no CDP or certificate included at the end of the course.
  • The course costs between £400 and £600/person. Discounts are available for larger groups/organisations. 

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Hosted by Robert Preda

Robert Preda is a Transactional Analysis Counsellor, and a member of NCPS, ACC and BPS. This course is the result of his initial struggles in navigating the field of counselling and psychotherapy back when he decided to embark on the journey of becoming a counsellor.