Coping with COVID - emotional wellbeing

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New online course to help you cope through the COVID-19 crisis

“Yoga is more effective for treating PTSD than any medication so far.” (Bessel van der Kolk, NScience seminar , London Guys Hospital, 15 May 2005). 

Right now we are in the middle of a traumatic situation. If we don't take appropriate action to handle this we might be left with the after-effects of undischarged trauma.

Are you suffering during this COVID-19 crisis? Do you feel low and would like a more mindful approach to help you cope? Are you feeling more anxious and want to learn practical coping techniques?

Free online course

Anyone with pre-existing anxiety, trauma or OCD is likely to be triggered by everything that is currently happening. In fact, the trauma of COVID-19 is triggering for all of us. I’m a registered clinical psychotherapist and I have set up a free online course, ‘Emotional Wellbeing’, to help with anxiety and depression.

The course uses a combination of yoga techniques and psycho-education drawn from cognitive therapy to help you manage symptoms and achieve wellbeing.

The course consists of 12 hours online learning with videos and multi-media to support home practice. You can access this online resource anywhere and at any time. All you need to do is join the private Facebook group I have set up to run it. 

This course was granted approval through mental health professionals in the Satyananda Yoga UK network. Satyananda Yoga is accredited to the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY). It was also approved and grant-funded through Staffordshire County Council. I designed and ran the course a few years ago and luckily I had all the assets which I could easily put online.

Click here to join the Embodied Living group and access the course.

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Hosted by Sue Tupling

I am a UKCP-registered psychotherapist, certified yoga teacher and a qualified therapeutic and executive coach. I am qualified in neurolinguistic psychotherapy, which is a cognitive-behavioural model as well as body-based psychotherapy (the Pesso Boyden system). I am BWY qualified (Yoga Academy) and a Satyananda certified yoga teacher.