Complex trauma and dissociation skills and supervision

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7th September 2022 - 8th February 2023, 4.00pm - 7.00pm
Counsellors and trainees
Offer price £495 - payment plan available - get started for just £99

Dissociation is one of the most common aspects of trauma... and one of the most complex.

Widely misunderstood and mistreated, it is vital that trauma treatment professionals understand how to approach and treat clients with dissociative disorders.
Because, if you’re working with trauma, you’re working with clients who dissociate. And in these cases, “therapy as usual” won’t be enough.
Truly expert clinical guidance on the finer nuances of treating dissociation is extremely hard to come by. That's why we're excited to announce this unique opportunity to get personalised, next-level education and supervision directly from trauma expert and author Kathy Steele!
Register today and you’ll join an engaged cohort of your colleagues from around the world for monthly complex trauma and dissociation advanced skills and supervision sessions that teach you how to adapt your approach when working with clients who dissociate so you can guide them toward deep healing and long-lasting, transformational change.
Through this programme, you’ll learn:

  • How to tailor your approach when working with complex trauma and dissociation.
  • How to recognise when a client is displaying behaviours such as psychological defences, re-enacting trauma, idealisation and complex transference and how to respond appropriately.
  • How disorganised attachment originates, develops and manifests itself in clients and how to recognise and treat it.
  • Practical techniques and approaches you can use to both treat clients and manage the therapeutic relationship with maximum effectiveness.
  • The importance of boundary setting with clients and how to know which clients will benefit from flexibility and which will not.
  • And much more - see skills sessions!

Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of this very limited cohort of 56 participants.

Learn more and register today at

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